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How long has the MC HIVES been existing?
The MC HIVES was founded on 23rd March 2000 by 10 bikers. The foundation was published in various motorcycle magazines by several announcements.
Where does the name "HIVES" originate from?
As one may misleadingly assume, the name "HIVES" has nothing in common with the Swedish music band "The Hives". The English word was chosen because it reflects the objectives of the club such as the collective solidarity and the bond among each member like in a HIVE of wasps.
Does the MC HIVES demand territorial claims?
The claim for certain territories in our periphery is not raised. However, it still applies: We respect those who respect us!
How do I become a member of the MC HIVES?
Just come to us and introduce yourself in person. If you now wonder how, when and where you can meet us, it is no longer necessary to continue reading as this you should have found out if you are really interested in affiliating. In case you seem to be appropriate to the club in our eyes, you will pass through a certain hang around and prospect period. Depending on your behaviour and commitment the duration of these periods vary. Trials of courage, acceptance tests or suchlike are not claimed. If you care and speak up for the club and its members, you are our man.
Can women become members as well?
Certainly, women are welcome anytime for auxiliaries and other duties and can also join us when riding the bikes, however,  there will never be colour-wearing women within our motorcycle club.
What kind of bike do I have to ride to become a member?
Here there is neither a direction nor a brand loyality.
Sole condition: It must have 400 ccm at least.
Does the MC HIVES support another club?
No, no other club is supported than ours.